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Operating Units

Binghamton, NY
Fabrication: miscellaneous steel, ornamental architectural metal
Customers: general contractors, end users

Titchener Iron Works fabricates and installs
miscellaneous metals, including stairs, railings and ornamental architectural items.

Titchener, Founded in 1920, is a fabricator and installer of miscellaneous metals.  Products include stairs, railings and ornamental items used in industrial, commercial and institutional buildings.  The company primarily serves New York State customers located within 100 miles of Binghamton.

Customers include Cornell University, Corning, Inc., Binghamton University, SUNY, Frito-Lay and numerous facilities such as manufacturing plants, industrial concerns, schools, hospitals, office buildings, government buildings, malls, shopping centers.

The business was purchased by Moro Corporation on July 30, 2010.

moro corp.

994 Old Eagle School Rd.
Suite 1000
Wayne, PA 19087 USA
T: 484.367.0300
F: 484.367.0305